October 16, 2018 Phil

Are You Tilling The Soil? 

Are You Tilling The Soil? 

Are You Tilling the Soil?

Every gardener knows that tilling the soil is essential to flowers and vegetables throughout the growing process. When we till we break up the hard soils, destroy choking weeds, prepare the ground for seed and allow life sustaining nutrients to penetrate the soil. Tilling stubborn soil proves necessary if we want growth, as nothing grows in hard, dry, sun-baked soil. 

Praying like tilling, is essential to our spiritual growth. Prayer breaks up hard hearts, roots out choking sin, prepares hearts and hands for God’s work and invites God to penetrate our entire being. Nothing grows within the soul – not relationship, not service- without allowing God first in our life to break up our stubborn hearts.

Studying God’s word is also essential to our spiritual growth. God wants each of us to be in his word every day. We also have opportunities to bask in daily sunlight by studying Gods word collectively. These opportunities are presented to the Ladies class every Tuesday at 10:00, for the whole body on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM and Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. Taking advantage of these bible studies will help us have deeper spiritual roots. The Sunday Bible studies are to blend with your Sunday worship. 

I know you are busy, but all growing Christians, just like growing plants, need a weekly watering with the Word. The Word of God is necessary to the life of a Christian. Sometimes, just a light sprinkling will do. Other times we all need a good long soaking.

On the Lord's Day, when we come together to worship God and observe the Lord’s Supper, we receive a weekend feeding that provides rich nourishment for the week to come and helps us grow deeper roots in Christ. Please join us Sunday!

Dorothy Pensoneau

Foothills church of Christ